The Secrets to How Often You Should Clean Your Bathroom

If you share your house with continuously sick children, grubby roommates or stubborn partners, it is challenging to navigate the age-old question, how often should I clean my bathroom?

While some people find cleaning their spaces quite relaxing, there are dozens of wellbeing products which can equally reduce your stress, discover Novale’s recommended wellness routines to turn your bathroom into a spa in 2021. Although before you add new products into your space, it is always important to first clear out the products which no longer spark joy.

Bathroom Fabrics: Towels, Mats and Everything In-Between

Fabrics in the bathroom are pretty much an epicentre for germs, as bathrooms are humid spaces, even a slightly damp material is the perfect breeding ground for bacteria.

Hence, it is essential to make sure your towel and bathrobe can be spaciously hung, allowing fabrics to dry fast before the next use; this will eliminate some possibility of germs spreading. A helpful tip could be upgrading your tired cotton bath towels to fast-drying linen towels.

Although a general rule of thumb is to wash towels after every third use and wash your bathmat weekly. Bathroom fabrics should be replaced every few years or replaced when they no longer absorb properly. If someone in your household becomes sick, you should wash all your bathroom fabrics immediately, to avoid the risk of spreading the illness to other people.

In general, you should stop using shower poufs, body sponges, loafers, bath mitts and all disposable body washing materials. Not only are they made of micro-plastics, which causes harm to the environment, but are a breeding ground for germs. Studies have found some rather dangerous skin infections as a result of not frequently replacing bathroom fabrics. Instead, opt for exfoliating scrubs and body washes that contain natural ingredients, the best part is, there are millions of DIY recipes online so you can make your skin glow with inexpensive products, like leftover coffee grounds.


Yep, once again, science provides some frightening studies, as your toothbrush is home to over 100 million living bacteria. Alike most hygiene items in your bathroom, you should keep your toothbrush in a clean, cool and dry spot.

A helpful way to eliminate the spread of germs on your toothbrush is to include lots of closed storage in your next bathroom renovation, such as under-sink cupboards or mirror cabinets. See some of Novale’s recent bathroom renovations to discover smart ways to keep your toothbrush and other health products hygienic. If your toothbrush isn’t drying before you want to use it again, it’s time to find a new storage spot.

All in all, an easy way to keep track of how often you should replace your toothbrush, is to bring out a new brush with each season, totalling to four a year. Although if you have been sick, you should start with a new brush after you have recovered.

What Products are Safe for Bathroom Storage?

It is all too tempting to dump every bottle of medicine, jewellery, beauty and hygiene products in your bathroom. However, most people forgot to check if the packaging of these products can even withstand the humid conditions of the bathroom.

Be mindful of moist packaging, rusting jewellery, broken beauty products, deteriorating fragrances, mouldy pages in books and magazines. Instead, opt for products that are hypoallergenic and have a high resistance to moisture and temperature, for example, swap plastic water bottles for glass carafes.

Start Your Detox for a New Bathroom Renovation Now

While this article is the ultimate guide to how often you should clean your bathroom space and how often you should replace the items in your bathroom. There are a lot of smart bathroom renovation tips which encourage a hygienic household, save time, reduce cleaning stresses and reduce mould build-up. You can discover strategic placements for sanitary bathroom appliances, smart technologies that encourage minimal touching of surfaces and many more innovative ways to reduce the spread of germs.

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