Moon Bathroom: A Luxurious Showroom To Astonish

Moon Bathroom: A Luxurious Showroom To Astonish

Design Talks is proud to present the most unique and wonderful showroom in France: Moon Bathroom. Sabrine Terrasse is the guest of this wonderful edition of the show that was born from Home’Society‘s desire to explore all things interior design, Design Talks includes interviews with leading architects, interior designers, and showrooms to discover and discuss what is trending and the whole creative process of any project. 

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Bathroom Design Ideas: Wonders To Gawk At

Bathroom Design Ideas: Wonders To Gawk At

Bathroom design Ideas can be truly impressive all around, with intense and small touches of luxurious blissfulness that bring you a sense of restful harmony. In this list, we have gathered some of the most unique and incredible bathroom ideas to help you understand and realize the best new bathroom look for your home reno! Let’s dive in and feel inspired!

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Contemporary Bathroom Ideas: Inspirational Ideas For You

Contemporary Bathroom Ideas: Inspirational Ideas For You

Contemporary bathrooms are impressive all around, with subtle touches of luxury and modernity that can truly add something to your home design overall. From golden designs to more pink ones, building a bathroom can be a daunting task, so we hope the inspirations on this list are exactly what you need.

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This lovely interior with beautiful bathroom items with the utmost attention to detail items makes all the difference.

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Bathroom Renovation Spotlight: How to Create a Serene Aesthetic

Often inspired by ‘a day spa’ aesthetic, a serene bathroom renovation evokes a minimalist and calming palette that transforms a bathroom into a haven. The serene bathroom design conjures clean, classic, and incredibly relaxing feelings, resulting in a breathtakingly tranquil finish.

With a harmonising colour palette, standout wood features combined with good quality marble, Novale’s recent bathroom renovation in Newcastle generates a sense of poise inside this suburban home and screams the serene aesthetic.

To give you some bathroom renovation ideas, we’ve broken down how the elements in this serene bathroom renovation work to inspire your dream bathroom renovation.



Glass Shower Screen

While glass shower screens are no longer a one-size-fits-all option, with many curved or geometric designs and stunning metallic or coloured frames available, but for a serene aesthetic, a totally frameless shower screen was ideal for this bathroom renovation Newcastle.

A frameless shower is composed of thick and unobstructed glass, secured to the wall with unobtrusive metal clamps for a minimalist aesthetic. Plus, since the whole glass panel is visible, there are no tight corners for dirt to build up, making frameless shower screens quick and straightforward to clean.

A glass shower screen gives a clean, light, and uncomplicated aesthetic in a bathroom. The uncluttered glazing of frameless shower screens opens the room up and allows more light in. As there is no need for empty floor space to allow for the door’s trajectory without a shower door, making the area appear and feel larger in this bathroom renovation Newcastle.

Frameless shower screens don’t fight for attention with other design components in a bathroom, which is a valuable bathroom renovation idea for smaller spaces. The glass shower screen in this bathroom renovation Newcastle allows other material choices and defining features in the room to stand out, like the eye-catching bathroom vanity and mirror with wood features.



Eye-Catching Bathroom Vanity & Mirror with Wood Features

The overabundance of bathroom vanity materials makes choosing the ideal one a bit of a brain twister. Luckily since bathroom surfaces aren’t subjected to the same level of abuse as kitchen surfaces, homeowners can focus more on aesthetics and price than strength.

For a warm and natural appeal, wood is hard to beat as this versatile raw material makes a stunning bathroom renovation idea with any decor.

Surrounding a plain mirror with a beautiful frame is a unique bathroom renovation idea with unlimited possibilities. In this bathroom renovation Newcastle, the clean lines are echoed in the modest yet beautiful wooden mirror. With a custom-built mirror, valuable storage is created by using the dead space from behind ordinary mirrors.



Chrome Tapware

Choosing a finish for tapware and fixtures is a difficult task for many homeowners. As a helpful bathroom renovation idea, it’s best to acquire all fixtures and accessories in the same material and finish for a consistent colour scheme throughout the space. Some finishes, such as chrome and most brushed-nickel finishes, have a standard colour, but not all finishes from various firms appear the same.

Chrome tapware was a no-brainer for creating a serene aesthetic in this bathroom renovation Newcastle. The timeless style of silver creates a clean and long-lasting tapware finish and makes coordinating other bathroom accessories and fixtures easy as chrome goes with everything!



Mixing Materials

To give this bathroom renovation Newcastle depth and intrigue, the designers mixed a variety of natural materials. The mixture of materials serves as a focal point with contrasting and complementing wood features, marble stone tiles, chrome, and plenty of plants for a pop of colour.

The coldness of the polished metal and marble tiles contrasts with the warmth of the wood basin. The straight lines of the bespoke wood vanity provide a warm touch whilst complimenting the rounded metal features. While black and grey accents give a touch of industrial style to this serene scheme.

Usually, metal tapware, mirrors and sinks stick out like a sore thumb, but our designers were careful in this bathroom renovation Newcastle and chose round features to create a more subtle aesthetic.



Safe Bathroom Renovations in Newcastle During Covid

Novalé teams are still operating during Covid lockdowns. From Bathroom Renovations Newcastle to Bathroom Renovations Coogee, our teams follow all current guidelines as outlined by the NSW Government to be Covid safe. It is critical that both parties – customers and tradespeople – follow existing limits and stay current with ever-changing health standards.

Novalé teams are taking extra steps to protect the safety of our employees and clients. This includes hand washing regularly, hand sanitising before and after entering a client’s home, maintaining the recommended distance from our clients and maintaining a general focus on cleanliness on the job, with disposable masks, gloves, and sanitiser always in the work van.

We now offer online consultations for quotes and design appointments. Plus, we encourage longer phone conversations to reduce the amount of face-to-face time required when in the home.

Outside of work hours, we also practise social distance with our families. We would never go to work knowing we were unwell or showing any signs of coronavirus.



Begin Your Bathroom Renovation with Novalé

We hope this bathroom renovations Newcastle breakdown has given you some bathroom renovation ideas for your Novalé bathroom renovation!

Whether you are looking for Bathroom Renovations Coogee or Bathroom Renovations Newcastle, Novalé’s highly experienced teams are available to help you produce a beautiful and highly functional modern bathroom design in Sydney.

When beginning research on bathroom renovators for your modern bathroom design and renovation project, consider including Novalé Bathrooms in your shortlist. We offer bathroom renovations from Bathroom Renovations Newcastle to Bathroom Renovations Coogee. For a complete list of the Areas We Service, see here.

Our teams are ready to start building you a fantastic modern bathroom design. We implement a unique 4 step bathroom renovation process, and we encourage potential customers to read the 12 reasons to choose Novalé. Additionally, you can read our testimonials and reviews to learn about the experience others have had to renovate with Novalé. For more information on how we transform your bathroom, please get in contact with the Novalé team on 1800 NOVALÉ.

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How to Compare a Low Profile vs. a Ramped vs. a Zero Threshold Shower Pan

If you need a safer shower pan in your bathroom remodel or new home and don’t have a clue which option is best for you, I can tell you you’re not alone. You see I’ve worked with thousands of people who want to ‘age in place’ or their mobility is not as good as they’d […]

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How To Choose The Right Toilet Roll Holder

Selecting The Perfect Toilet Roll Holder For Your Bathroom

For many a medial task around the home, and all sorts of DIY jobs, the mantra “don’t sweat the small stuff” is a popular and applicable phrase to follow.

But when it comes to bathroom upgrades, even the smallest of details can make a huge difference to the overall aesthetic of the space, especially in what tends to be one of the more compact rooms in the home.

In this blog, we’ll focus on one such minute finishing touch in the form of a toilet roll holder, and explain what aspects to consider to ensure you make the right choice for your bathroom or en-suite specifically.

Choosing Your Toilet Roll Holder Design

Milano Mirage chrome modern toilet roll holder

The very first element to think about when shopping toilet roll holders will be the actual design profile. Traditionally, wall mounted toilet roll holders have comfortably proved to be the most frequently found style on the market and typically most sought after as well.

However, there’s a plethora of freestanding toilet roll holder models on the market now as well. And these present an especially tempting proposition for a clean modern bathroom finish, with no requirement for the wall to be drilled into.

Often, in the case of free standing toilet roll holders, the component itself will feature added storage options for a convenient bathroom solution. For instance, plenty of freestanding designs will incorporate multiple tiers for the housing of toilet brushes, toothpastes, shampoos, shower gels, towels and more.

Personal preference of course provides the basis for which sort of toilet roll holder you opt for, but spatial factors, the size and layout of the bathroom will too play a big role in determining whether a wall mounted or freestanding model is best.

Picking A Toilet Roll Holder Finish

In relation to all sorts of bathroom accessories, and fixtures and fittings in general, chrome finishes reign supreme as the overwhelmingly most popular style available. But with that said, it can pay off to make a bold colour selection for your toilet roll holder that departs from tradition to an extent.

Essentially, you’ll be keen to source a component reflective of the overall bathroom style, and that meshes well with the existing interior scheme (or the one you’re introducing in the case of a full bathroom refurbishment).

Many contemporary bathroom upgrades will adopt darker contrast schemes, such as anthracite greys and whites, whilst black bathroom accessories have also enjoyed a rapid rise to prominence in correlation with noir shades becoming a notable modern bathroom trend.

You might opt for a matching black toilet roll holder to accompany something like the Milano Nero toilet set, for example, or choose to select a sharply opposite finish, depending on what you’re looking to achieve. You might draw some inspiration from our blog on 6 Future Proof Bathroom Colour Ideas.

And if all else fails, chrome toilet roll holders offer an excellent ‘safety net’ that will match up with almost any sort of décor. The same can virtually be said of wooden toilet roll holders too, though these would tend to feature within traditionally themed bathrooms almost exclusively.

Free Or Fixed Toilet Roll Holders?

Milano Elizabeth luxury toilet roll holder

The majority of toilet roll holders incorporate a simple design for ease of usability, allowing for the toilet roll to comfortably slip on and off the primary arm.

But, especially in family households where young children and/or pets present, a fixed toilet roll holder might prove a better bet. Typically, these models are wall mounted, and secured in full via a spring mechanism.

Their profile works to stop the toilet roll from being accidentally removed and, in a potentially far more irritating and troublesome scenario, falling into the toilet itself to cause a blockage.

Be sure to take into account the type of bathroom wall you’ll need to drill into if opting for a fixed wall mounted toilet roll holder as well. The likes of bricks and plasterboard present a fairly simple installation proposition, but tiled walls typically require more intrusive fittings.

Or, for a left-field solution, you can seek out a wall mounted toilet roll holder that attaches to the wall by alternate means, such as suction sticking or by being glued.

Where To Fit Your Toilet Roll Holder

Chrome toilet roll holder contained within wooden wall fitting
Roll of toilet paper on a brass fixture

When you’ve identified the perfect type, style and colour toilet roll holder, you can begin to think about the ideal positioning for the component.

Consider who uses the bathroom with regularity – will any and all children in the household be able to comfortably reach it? Is it at a comfortable height for any elderly guests to use? Can you yourself get by frequently using the holder without doing yourself a mischief?

The key is to ensure the toilet roll holder is easily and comfortably accessible from a seated spot. And, somewhat obviously, it should be free from any obtrusive bathroom furniture or potentially dangerous fixtures like heated towel rails or designer radiators.

How’s It Hanging?

Which way you’ll actually hang your toilet roll holder is one of the final decisions to make, and might be one sub-consciously assisted in accordance with some of your personality traits.

Originally, the very first toilet roll holders were designed with the loose end of the toilet roll to be facing the front. So by rights, that’s the correct way to go about their installation.

But in reality, personal preference should take charge when you select which direction the holder will be located.

So will you conform to the norm and have the toilet roll facing outwards from the front, or go against the system by having the roll go against the wall? The choice is yours.

Milano Nero black modern toilet roll holder

Shop Bathroom Accessories Online With Big Bathroom Shop

Now that you know what to look for, you can shop toilet roll holders and all sorts of other bathroom accessories online with Big Bathroom Shop.

Or if you would like any further help or information about making the right choice for your bathroom specifically, don’t hesitate to get in touch with our friendly team. You can leave your thoughts in the comments section below, or contact us via Instagram, Twitter or Facebook.

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Tik Tok Renovation Lover, Becca, Shares Her Top Tips

Becca's Bathroom Renovation tips

In 2019 Becca & Jordan bought their first home – a beautiful semi-detached bungalow. For the last two years they have been slowly gutting, renovating and grafting to turn an outdated home into their dream pad.

Just wait until you see you the before & after shots – wow!

‘Originally, the bungalow had pink and green carpets with a salmon bathroom that needed MAJOR modernisation’ said Becca. 

Think 1980’s salmon bathroom carpets, brown toilet seats and floral tiles and you’d have the perfect image of Becca’s old bathroom.

Old bathroom suite
Becca’s bathroom before shot

‘The main bathroom was the last room we had left to tackle before completing the inside of our now beautiful home’.

Becca and Jordan started the main bathroom renovation process in February, earlier this year. Eager to get rid of the Grandma inspired bathroom, the couple gutted the space and happily waved goodbye to the aged salmon suite.

Old bathroom suite with bath

We have been lucky enough to work with Becca on this beautiful renovation, so we took some time to ask her a few questions about the bathroom reno process.

Becca in her new bathroom
Becca In her beautiful new suite

Q: Where Did You Start When Renovating Your Bathroom?

‘As we have an en suite, we decided to renovate this first – at the time it was more affordable to re-do than our main bathroom. So, that was one of the first rooms we renovated. We continued to use the en-suite as our main bathroom throughout the renovation. We had to live with our main bathroom, in it’s salmon condition for over a year whilst we saved money!’

Q: If Any, What Money Saving Advice Would You Give?

‘My top tip for saving money when renovating a bathroom, is to try to keep the layout the same as the original layout. It becomes quite costly when you start moving the bath, toilet or sink as it means extra plumbing costs!’

Becca decided to keep the existing layout and look at how incredible different the room looks.

Q: Did You Enjoy The Renovation Process?

‘We loved the renovation process. I find that bathrooms are the hardest room to design, as the decisions are so permanent compared to choosing a paint colour or accessories! That being said, now that it’s finished I am absolutely in love with it and it’s now up there with one of our favourite rooms.’

Becca’s soft, wholesome decor and thoughtful layout looks gorgeous

Q: If Anything, What Part Of The Bathroom Would You Say People Should Always Invest In?

‘I would suggest investing in a good shower and bath. It’s something that you will use the most and over the years have a lot of wear and tear, so it’s worth spending a bit extra so it’s powerful and long lasting.’

new shower area

Q: What Is Your Favourite Thing About Your New Suite?

‘100% the vanity unit! I absolutely love it and want to take it with us to our next home!’

vanity unit and shower over the bath

If you love the decor choices in this bathroom just as much as we do, you can follow the rest of Becca’s reno journey over on her Instagram or Tik Tok below.

@renovationlivingrenovationliving Tik Tok

Shop The Look

Milano Bexley – Light Oak 800mm Wall Hung Open Shelf Vanity Unit with Basin

Bexley Vanity Unit

Lazzarini Way Urbino – White Designer Heated Towel Rail – 1200mm x 500mm

Heated Towel Rail

Milano Elswick – Modern Square Back to Wall Toilet with Soft Close Seat

Elswick bathroom toilet

Milano Razor – Modern Waterfall Mono Basin Mixer Tap – Chrome

Milano Razor basin tap

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Design Fairs To Keep An Eye on In the Fall Of 2021

Design Fairs To Keep An Eye on In the Fall Of 2021

Design fairs may have been slightly affected by the ongoing pandemic, however, they seem to be aiming for a strong return in the latter part of the 2021 year. From Isaloni to Maison&Objet, these fairs promise to return as strong as they have ever been, promoting design ideas, concepts and solutions to revolutionize the market! Let’s take a close look at each of these events!

Design Fairs
In France

France is proudly hosting two large events this year, filling Paris with magic and design blissfulness.

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An Interview with Scott McLeod, Project Director, DPR Construction

In our last blog we profiled how the nonprofit healthcare system, Atrium Health, partnered with DPR Construction and Rodgers Builders to expand their main campus with a state-of-the-art Critical Rehab Hospital and Bed Tower to meet the growing needs of Charlotte, NC. With Atrium’s commitment to every community it serves, DPR Construction and Rodgers Builders understood the importance of speed to market.

With this in mind, they developed aggressive prefabrication strategies including SurePods prefabricated bathroom units to help increase productivity and reduce construction duration. To dive deeper into how the pods can help streamline construction processes, we sat down with Scott McLeod, Project Director at DPR Construction, to get the inside scoop.

SurePods: Based on your Atrium Health project experiencewhat advantages have prefab modular bathrooms afforded in healthcare settings?

McLeod: Using prefabricated modular bathrooms allows us to build in parallel in a controlled environment, which improves our schedule and quality. It is important when working on large complex healthcare projects, to do things right the first time. Eliminating delays from rework of improperly installed and repairs for damages in the field to materials, components and equipment. Another major concern we were able to address through prefabrication was mitigating labor shortages resulting from a volatile pandemic environment. You can build the pods in an off-site controlled environment with more productive and therefore less labor and store them until it’s time for installation. This simplifies logistics and can also provide more control over market volatility by mitigating risk to material availability and escalating prices.

SurePods: How has working with SurePods simplified your design processes?

McLeod: Because we were standardizing patient-room bathrooms enterprise wide, for multiple healthcare campuses, one of the biggest challenges was designing something effective, efficient and that everyone agrees on to achieve economies of scale. Along with consistency, maintaining the same bathrooms and patient rooms in every hospitable helped to reduce operating and maintenance costs and will allow staff to move easily between different hospitals. SurePods made it possible for the builders and designers from each hospital to work together with the manufacturer to standardize a bathroom that fit the needs of multiple campuses under the Atrium Health umbrella.

SurePods: How have your clients responded to the prefab modular bathrooms?

McLeod: Our clients are very pleased with the results, especially in today’s pandemic environment. Building with SurePods in their factory-controlled setting improves safety, quality and productivity. All this contributes to mitigating new unique challenges in the marketplace and helps us build faster, safer and better to serve the communities here on a wider scale. It’s solving a real need.

SurePods: What advice do you have for other construction firms considering SurePods and modular bathrooms for healthcare, especially those new to prefab?

McLeod: It’s a journey, and you have to start early when incorporating DFM (Design for Manufacturing) techniques into the design phase. Your teams have to demonstrate commitment and develop a prefabrication plan early to leverage the benefits during construction. Not only do prefab solutions offer quality and scheduling efficiency, but they are also a huge labor saver in markets where it is difficult to find qualified and experienced labor. Plus, it also makes it much easier for onsite workers, giving them one less thing to worry about during the whole project.

If you’re a contractor or developer with a project in healthcare and you want to learn more about how modular bathroom pods can benefit your build, connect with us at: [email protected].

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11 Questions to Ask Before Hiring a Bathroom Remodeling Company

In addition to improving the functionality and style of your bathroom, a remodel is also a major investment in your home. There are dozens of bathroom remodelers, so it’s a smart idea to ask those you trust for recommendations and read online reviews before narrowing down your choices. We recommend interviewing your top two or three to ensure your project is in the right hands. Here’s a handy list…


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