Renovation Ideas for the Ultimate Kids Bathroom

When redoing the kid’s bathroom or the main family bathroom, it is vital to not only consider function, but fun! At Novalé, we have many creative bathroom renovation ideas that are sure to impress the kids as well as the big kids.

Particularly for a young family with little children, even the most ordinary parts of your home can become a hazard – particularly in the bathroom. Ensuring your bathroom is childproof will give you peace-of-mind knowing your home is totally safe even if your children are extra curious.

Restrict Access

The first stage of a suitable Modern Bathroom Design for kids begins with securing the space so that no possible hazards are easily available to a child. The simplest way to avoid bathroom injuries is to ensure the entry and the more dangerous spots are inaccessible unless an adult is there.

Restricting the accessibility of your bathroom to a child can include a whole host of strategies, the most important lock to include in our modern bathroom design is on the main door, which is set at the height of an adult. This ensures a child cannot get into the bathroom unless an adult is around. When selecting the door lock for your bathroom installation, make sure the lock can be unlocked from both sides of the door to ensure your child cannot lock themselves in.

Some other important places to add locks in your bathroom installation is on the toilet, exposed electrical outlets and opt for tamper-resistant protections on electrical devices. Without hesitation, you should add locks to cabinets that keep hazardous objects and toxins, like razors and cleaning products.

Childproof Plumbing

The presence of water makes the bathroom one of the most hazardous rooms in your home; for a truly childproof bathroom installation, there are a few clever bathroom renovation ideas you should implement into your modern bathroom design.

During your renovation, it is simple to ask the plumbers if they can lower the hot-water temperature in your bathroom. With a lower temperature setting, you can avoid the worry of accidentally giving your child a bath that is too hot. Protect delicate skin by ensuring a safe water temperature, which is warm enough for a comfortable bath but does not scald a child.

If you are renovating an apartment, you can install an anti-scalding device on your bathroom taps which shuts off the water when it hits a certain too-high temperature.

In the bathroom, the most common cause of deep cuts is sharp spouts and taps. A great Bathroom Renovation Idea is to choose bathroom hardware and plumbing fixtures which have softer edges to avoid knocks. Many baby-friendly curves can appear sophisticated and playful; in fact, hardware with more delicate lines is best for people of all ages; sometimes, baby-safe designs just mean human-centred designs.

Kid-Friendly, Functional & Aesthetic Installations

While accessibility and plumbing are essential considerations to anyone’s bathroom installation, the following are additional bathroom renovation ideas you can add if you want to promote a more kid-friendly modern bathroom design.

Stay safe in the bathroom with non-skid flooring, which adds another layer of safety to the Bathroom Installation. Although if you are on a budget for your modern bathroom design, you can decrease the chances of slips and falls on the bathroom floor by including lots of bathmats inside and outside the bathtub.

Opt for bathmats that are fast drying as this will reduce the likelihood of mould growth, and make sure the bathmat is at least the same length as your tub to reduce the possibility of slipping in and around the tub.

Lighting can also improve the safety of your new bathroom installation; especially night-friendly lights will safeguard your kids. There are many nightlights available to ensure kids can find the bathroom at night; for example, motion-censored lights and lights with nightlight features help to illuminate the room at night without using too much extra energy.

To help your kid be more independent in the bathroom, of course, they need to be able to reach things, but it is unrealistic to have low-standing sinks in a home bathroom installation. So, it is inevitable that a Kid-Friendly Bathroom includes a step stool so little kids can reach the sink.

Although we have a few clever and seamless bathroom renovation ideas to include a step stool in your bathroom, floating vanities are great places to stash stools under when the stool is not in use.

If you have the space, you can create a secret pull-out-step in the bottom drawer of your vanity – the best part about it, is it’s reversible! A special lid can be placed on top of the bottom drawer in your vanity but can easily be removed when it is no longer needed, and the drawer can be used for storage again.

Kid-Friendly, Functional & Aesthetic Styling

Trust us, you will regret not including your children’s personal characteristics in the overall Modern Bathroom Design Styling. But there are ways to make your bathroom installation stylish yet whimsical and fun.

Typically, the colour schemes for bathroom renovations are kept neutral, but a fun theme that your child likes is a great way to make kids excited for brushing their teeth and bath time.

For example, get matching towels and toothbrushes with your kids’ favourite animal on it. Get creative with personalised towel hooks with your kid’s initials on it, or get your kids’ name embroidered on their towel.

Start Your Kid-Friendly Bathroom Renovation with Novalé

No matter if you are looking for bathroom renovators for a large bathroom in Newcastle, or a small laundry renovation in Drummoyne, Novalé’s highly experienced teams are available to help you produce a beautiful and highly functional modern bathroom design.

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