It’s Time to Build the Foundation

Join us as the Industry’s Inaugural Construction Inclusion Week Kicks Off

In 2020, a group of like-minded general contractors created a consortium called “It’s Time for Change.” The vision of Gilbane, DPR, Turner Construction, Mortenson, McCarty and the Clark Construction Group was singular and unified, “to advance diversity, equity and inclusion in construction.”

Fast forward to 2021 and the group’s collective efforts to champion change led to the industry’s first-ever Construction Inclusion Week. Designed to spark conversations and help construction companies adopt best practices on topics ranging from leadership to job site culture and diversity, the end goal of empowering change for future generations is lofty, but necessary.

In a period of 18 months, more than 20 hate acts took place on job sites across North America. When it comes to diversity, the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics reports approximately 90% of construction employees are male and two thirds are white, with about 30% Hispanic, 6% Black and 2% Asian.

While there is no simple fix for these and other issues, it is evident there is work to be done. Opening up the conversation through Construction Inclusion Week is a critical starting point. Companies may be at different places with their diversity, equity and inclusion journeys, but the goal of joining together and creating awareness to ignite change is something hopefully we can all stand behind. As George Pfeffer, President of DPR, so aptly said in a Construction Dive article, “If you really want to increase an inclusive mindset on our job sites, we have to be able to talk about ‘What are those things that are stopping it?'”

Here at SurePods, the push to create awareness around inclusion and equity in employment is something we are both excited and passionate about. Currently, 35% of our skilled craft workers and 30% of our administrative team are female – triple the industry average. Across all skilled craft workers, 94% represent minority groups, with another 39% represented on the administrative side. But there’s still much work to be done. We are continually looking for ways to foster a culture of respect, safety and empowerment for all of our workers.

In taking Pfeffer’s lead, it’s time to make a difference and build the foundation by asking: What things are stopping us from having a more inclusive mindset? Will you join us?

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