Bathroom Design Essentials: Elements To Own

Bathroom design needs some special items in order to be able to truly ascend to perfection, and today, we at Maison Valentina have decided to gather some of the best elements one can use when renovating their bathroom! From incredible taps to amazing mirrors, these elements will truly turn your bathroom into something special! Let’s take a look at Bathroom Design Essentials: Elements To Own! […]

Spotlight on International Projects

Like most industries, the construction sector experienced a whirlwind of changes in 2020 and beyond. With the cost of building materials skyrocketing and labor shortages increasing, more are turning to prefab building solutions for their lean manufacturing techniques and ability to help keep projects on track. As a result, the market for modular is growing as the construction industry continues to adopt prefabricated solutions. Here […]

Keeping Clean On Company Time?

>How The Pandemic Has Changed Our Cleaning Habits The last 18 months or so have seen many of us working from home for extended periods of time – and we’ve been taking advantage of this in a range of different ways. Somewhat safe in the knowledge that we can get up and take things a bit slower than we normally would, some of us stay […]

It’s Time to Level-Up Your Laundry’s Functionality

Ideally, the layout of your home should be separated into resting areas and services areas. Your home’s laundry should be located in the same area as the kitchen; this creates a good split between quiet areas for relaxing to loud amenity areas, where washing machines and refrigerators are continually running. Although if your home is on a small lot and space is limited, you can […]

How to Hire the Best Contractor For Your Bathroom Remodel

Bathroom Remodel is a big job and will involve a lot of hands. However, for even the most ambitious homeowner, a simple DIY remodel is too risky for even the handiest of hands. Instead of tackling this complicated project yourself, it might be best to hire a full-time bathroom remodel contractor to take on the work. Here are just some of the advantages you will enjoy […]

10 Small Bathroom Renovation Ideas for City Apartments

If you’ve ever renovated a small bathroom, you’ll know how difficult designing can be when trying to ensure the bathroom has substantial storage enough for the whole family. That’s why knowing what brands, styles, fixtures, fittings, and decorations suit small bathroom renovations can help you make the most of your apartment bathroom while keeping it organised and easy to maintain. Which is why we have […]

Bathroom Renovation: Do Your Research

It is ubiquitous to question the relevance of bathroom developments in our everyday life. This is because bathroom design has long been considered a mundane task. However, with an ever-growing population and changing lifestyles, bathrooms have become more active. It has become imperative for every home to have a bathroom that meets each family member’s unique and personal needs. The impact of bathroom renovations is […]