How To Choose The Right Toilet Roll Holder

Selecting The Perfect Toilet Roll Holder For Your Bathroom For many a medial task around the home, and all sorts of DIY jobs, the mantra “don’t sweat the small stuff” is a popular and applicable phrase to follow. But when it comes to bathroom upgrades, even the smallest of details can make a huge difference to the overall aesthetic of the space, especially in what […]

Tik Tok Renovation Lover, Becca, Shares Her Top Tips

> In 2019 Becca & Jordan bought their first home – a beautiful semi-detached bungalow. For the last two years they have been slowly gutting, renovating and grafting to turn an outdated home into their dream pad. Just wait until you see you the before & after shots – wow! ‘Originally, the bungalow had pink and green carpets with a salmon bathroom that needed MAJOR […]

An Interview with Scott McLeod, Project Director, DPR Construction

In our last blog we profiled how the nonprofit healthcare system, Atrium Health, partnered with DPR Construction and Rodgers Builders to expand their main campus with a state-of-the-art Critical Rehab Hospital and Bed Tower to meet the growing needs of Charlotte, NC. With Atrium’s commitment to every community it serves, DPR Construction and Rodgers Builders understood the importance of speed to market. With this in […]

11 Questions to Ask Before Hiring a Bathroom Remodeling Company

In addition to improving the functionality and style of your bathroom, a remodel is also a major investment in your home. There are dozens of bathroom remodelers, so it’s a smart idea to ask those you trust for recommendations and read online reviews before narrowing down your choices. We recommend interviewing your top two or three to ensure your project is in the right hands. […]

Fantastic Bathroom Interior Design Ideas To Admire

Bathroom interior design is an essential part of a home’s blissful ambience, it can truly make or break the home’s identity and we must get it completely right. One can either go with darker shades of color, greenery or even golden details that award the room with an intense sense of glamour and luxury. To help you develop your most perfect bathroom design, we at […]

Bathroom Decorating Ideas To Fall In Love With

Bathroom decorating ideas are a wonderful way to discover some of the newest and hottest design ideas in the market right now! As such, we at Maison Valentina have decided to bring to you the most wonderful designs so you can feel inspired and maybe go and renovate your private oasis as a way to turn into a more luxurious and blissful place in which […]

Incredible Bathroom Designs To Admire: the LAPIAZ Collection

Maison Valentinais proud to present one of its finest collections in the LAPIAZ line of incredible products. This amazing collection is what luxury is all about, an experience to the senses and a fantastically unique way to decorate any bathroom, from commercial projects to residential ones. Having Lapiaz as your bathroom centerpiece is the best/most perfect choice to create an ambience that is to die […]

“Do You Want It After Me?” – Who Does & Who Doesn’t Share The Bath Water?

Coronation Street fans took to Twitter last night to express their horror and despair at street favourite Tyrone, as he asked his partner Alina a very contentious question. After discussing the whereabouts of a Weatherfield teddy bear – that was bought for their unborn child – the Corrie stalwart said “do you want it after me?” when referring to the bath water he was just […]

9 Reasons You Need To Shower In The Morning

What Makes An A.M Shower An Essential Vice? As a broad generalization, two main profiles exist as it pertains to those who take showers on a daily basis – people who hit the shower in the morning and those who prefer to cleanse in the evening. For those that tend to go for the latter option, the main reasons typically relate to feelings of relaxation […]

Bathroom Design Essentials: Elements To Own

Bathroom design needs some special items in order to be able to truly ascend to perfection, and today, we at Maison Valentina have decided to gather some of the best elements one can use when renovating their bathroom! From incredible taps to amazing mirrors, these elements will truly turn your bathroom into something special! Let’s take a look at Bathroom Design Essentials: Elements To Own! […]