4 Steps to Your New Bathroom

Remodeling projects can feel overwhelming, especially when you handle the details yourself. You have to find the right contractor for each step of the process, from the removal of your old materials and prepping the space, to plumbing and electrical work, and installation. Coordinating all of those schedules is no easy task: waiting until one contractor completes their work before you can schedule… Source Did […]

10 Reasons to Remodel With Re-Bath

We make the remodel experience effortless with our start-to-finish process, from design to installation. Our professional designers bring materials and designs right to you, helping you create the perfect bathroom for your space and style. We’ll carefully remove old materials and then install your new bathroom, from plumbing and electrical to fixtures and finishes. Our remodels take only days… Source Did you miss our previous […]

Borella Art Design: Bathroom Ideas That Amaze

Borella Art Design is an amazing and unique design company that has a creative team creating comfortable, elegant and dazzling projects that are seriously inspiring! The studio’s designs range from residential designs to wellness spas and amazing yachts. They aim to generate experiences that are both lasting and glamorous! Home’Society believes that talking, discussing, and exploring ideas together is essential to the design process. The […]

HELOCs and Tax Write-Offs in a Post-Pandemic World

If you’re considering taking out a Home Equity Line of Credit (HELOC)for remodeling, now may be the time to do it. The economy is steadily recovering after the COVID-19 pandemic, and interest rates have hit as low as 3% in some cases. It’s also the perfect time of year to cross some renovation to-dos off your list. Winter is coming; get to those upgrades you’ve […]

Bath Or Shower? Can They Affect Your Property’s Value?

Does A Bath Or Shower Help Or Hinder Your Home’s Value? The bath vs shower debate is one we’ve waded into with full force recently, in an attempt to decipher which the majority of the public prefer, and the various benefits either provide. Of course, many homes will include a bathtub as well as a shower enclosure, often in the form of combination components, and […]

Luxury Bathroom Decor: Astounding Bathtub Designs For You!

Luxury Bathroom decor can generate some intense ambiences that can make or break a home’s design! By using intense colors, dazzling ideas and amazing items one can create an oasis of pure relaxation. What is the main item that will award one’s relaxation? The bathtub! That is why we have gathered a list of the most incredible bathtubs Maison Valentina has to offer, for you […]

How To Introduce Small Wet Room Ideas To Your Home

Create A Spa Aura With Small Wet Room Ideas At first thought, it is easy to dismiss the possibility of transforming a small bathroom into an open-plan wet room as fanciful at least, and maybe even implausible. However, there’s an immense variety of clever small wet room ideas to consider for a smooth conversion process, that will help to introduce a spa-like aura within your […]

The Bath Vs Shower Debate – Which Is Best?

The choice of taking a bath or a shower should depend on your own personal requirements and hygiene priorities – so, it’s really up to you. But which is better for you? A shower or a bath?  We posted some social media polls and did some internet “digging” to find the answers to these questions and more. You may or may not be shocked to […]

Pedestal Sinks: Modern Bathroom Designs To Upgrade Your Decor

Bathroom designs need items to complete their majestic looks. Pedestal Sinks may be just what you need to upgrade your bathroom design style! They can come in all shapes and sizes, in various styles and colors, filled with lush materials and intense inspirations. Take a deep dive in this fantastic list and find out what Pedestal Sink could completely change your Bathroom designs! See Also: […]

An Interview with Matt Gaskin, Assistant General Manager of SurePods West

> Since 2005, SurePods has led the way in prefabricated bathroom pod manufacturing. With the ability to deliver better quality, faster build times and easier project management throughout the entire design-build process, pods are increasingly replacing traditional bathroom construction across North America. To meet this growing demand, we recently opened the doors to our new SurePods West facility, which is centrally located in Phoenix, Arizona. […]