Bath Or Shower? Can They Affect Your Property’s Value?

Does A Bath Or Shower Help Or Hinder Your Home’s Value?

The bath vs shower debate is one we’ve waded into with full force recently, in an attempt to decipher which the majority of the public prefer, and the various benefits either provide.

Of course, many homes will include a bathtub as well as a shower enclosure, often in the form of combination components, and dependent on circumstances, bathroom layout and size, and the number of household habitants.

But can the choice between a bath and a shower fitting actually affect the value of a home? And could the presence, or lack thereof, of either fixture cause potential buyers to look elsewhere?

In this blog, we’ll examine which types of profiles view bathtubs as an essential home vice and vice versa with showers. And ultimately whether baths or showers really can play a significant role in altering the value of a house…

Do We Prefer Baths Or Showers?

Milano Elswick Right Hand Square Shower Bath

Somewhat of a sweeping question, perhaps. But our recent research does show a clear trend to back up the general findings already pertaining to the subject.

That being, the vast majority of the UK public would generally favour the shorter, more efficient cleansing means of showering, as opposed to the longer and more drawn-out bathing process. Indeed, 77% of participants selected shower when answering our recent social media poll on which they would prefer to take.

But with that said, is it wise to sacrifice the presence of a bathtub within a home altogether, even if it might only be used scarcely? Or is it an undeniable staple of the British psyche that people feel a bathroom should have a bath?

Of course, if you sit within the 4% of Brits who admit to enjoying taking a bath at all, then you’re bound to see a bathtub as an essential fixture, and might choose to make a freestanding bathtub the focal point of your bathroom area, for example.

The addition of any type of bath would have a positive effect on the saleability of the property though, regardless of how often it will or won’t be used.

Is A Bathtub An Essential Bathroom Fixture?

As the term actually signifies, a bathroom has traditionally been centered around a bathtub itself, and classic bathrooms will still retain a freestanding bath as a centrepiece.

Despite the indulgence in a morning and evening bath now evidently being  a thing of the past for the vast majority, the bathtub is still rightly viewed as a symbolic bathroom lynchpin. And one that many will ever be reluctant to be without, at least for optional use when the mood takes.

What can tend to be the case though, is that space (or lack thereof) may dictate that a bulky tub is simply an unfeasible option in a compact bathroom. And in such instances, many will decide to opt for a space-saving shower enclosure as opposed to a sizeable component they might rarely make use of.

As such, a bathtub can’t strictly be considered to be a completely essential bathroom fixture, as modern bathrooms can comfortably exist in their absence.

But one of the main sticking points relates simply to the title of this article, and the perception of many that properties without a bathtub are less attractive to potential buyers.

Buildings without baths can prove tougher for estate agents to market effectively. And some people will outright eliminate options from their potential property portfolio if there’s no bathtub. So in effect, lower demand, and a house taking longer to sell, can eventually spiral into a lower house price point, lending weight to the popular perception that exists.

However, several extenuating influences will be at play in this regard, as we’ll explain further…

Will A Bathtub Actually Affect The Value Of My Home?

Milano Richmond White Traditional Freestanding Bath w/ Silver Feet

Milano Richmond White Traditional Single Ended Standard Bath w/ Light Grey Panels

This is a loaded question, and the answer is circumstantial and dependent on a whole host of factors.

Firstly, the profile of any potential property buyers will have a huge influence. If you could be selling to a family with young children, for example, it is likely they’ll see a bathtub as an absolutely integral element.

Alternatively, you might find that a single person shopping properties has little to no interest in a bath, and would only see the inclusion of one as an added bonus. Essentially, it wouldn’t influence the decision enough to encourage lower offers on the home.

And on the flip side entirely, a unique and contemporary bathroom setting in the absence of a bathtub could actually serve to enhance the aura, and thus the value, of a home.

In reference to this, think about the ultra-modern stylings of a wet room, which represent the height of luxury and are perfect for introducing a spa-like vibe to a home. Practically any bathroom area can be transformed into a walk-in shower room, and there’s plenty of insight into various design nuances in our blog, How To Introduce Small Wet Room Ideas To Your Home.

All in all though, perhaps the size and layout of the bathroom space will play a bigger role in bolstering the value of a home than the actual presence of a bathtub. Of course, if space allows for it, any potential buyer could always add a bath should they desire one, and might even prefer the chance to select a design of their choosing.

If you do have nagging doubts before contemplating selling your home though, you could always add a bathtub before listing the property. You’ll be able to source a good quality tub at a cost lower than the differential value someone views a house with and without a bathtub as.

Do I Have To Choose Between A Bath And A Shower Enclosure?

Milano Nero Black Quadrant Shower Enclosure w/ Tray

Milano Auro Brushed Gold Recessed Walk-In Shower Enclosure w/ Tray

You don’t have to make a straight-up choice between a bathtub and a shower enclosure. There is the possibility to compromise with a shower bath, which are available in straight, L-shaped and P-shaped designs.

Many bathtub models can also be modified with the addition of shower screens, with several also boasting a profile that sees one end larger than the other – such components are primed for the attachment of a shower system.

As a result, you’ll have the best of both worlds in a competent shower, as well as a bathtub that any potential future buyers of your property might just deem a necessity.

Plus, depending on the size of the house and the bathroom(s) within it, the scope might exist to go in a completely different direction with each of the spaces. Obviously, this will only be the case for a home with multiple bathrooms or an additional en suite. But a home featuring a compact wet room and a sizeable, freestanding tub-filled bathroom would sure to be sought after without any fears or doubts about resale value.

Building A Bathroom For Your Preferences And Requirements

As much as the bathtub factor might play heavily on your mind ahead of any potential house sale, your bathroom should be designed with the preferences and requirements of the current inhabitants in mind, of course.

There’s always the opportunity to add a bathtub at a later date or remodel the space slightly before putting the property on the market, if not having a bath remains a major concern when the time comes to sell up. More than likely, you can complete such an upgrade for far cheaper than the potential differential value the absence of a bath could have on the home.

And if you would like any further help and advice regarding the buying and installing of bathtubs or showers, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with the Big Bathroom Shop team. You can leave your thoughts in the comments section below, or contact us via FacebookInstagram or Twitter.

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