12 Wonderful Walk In Shower Ideas To Transform A Small Bathroom

Walk In Shower Ideas For A Dream Bathroom Design

The bathroom is very rarely the largest room within a house, and with that considered, it’s understandable that many would consider a redesign process in such a space a touch daunting.

What might prove a simpler solution than you could imagine, however, could come in the implementation of walk in shower ideas. Some of which can actually help maximize space in a compact bathroom, rather than hinder it.

Taking into account colour schemes, tiling options, interior layout and all other design facets, this article will cover an impressive range of walk in shower ideas for bathrooms large and small. See if you stumble across a stunning walk in shower style that can completely transform your bathroom area…

1. Go For Glass Shower Doors

Milano Nero Recessed Black Sliding Shower Door w/ Tray

A simple but wholly effective means to create the illusion of extra space is to allow natural light to infiltrate. As such, glass shower doors provide an excellent option as it pertains to walk in showers, if they include any doors at all.

They provide a transparent barrier which has a minimal impact on visual space, and enables light to flood into the bathroom, illuminating the areas that most require it.

For a special aesthetic consideration, explore the possibility of tinted glass shower doors to frame the enclosure. Exuding effortless luxury, this typically more expensive nuanced style can act as a beautiful bathroom centrepiece, whilst still allowing light to flow freely throughout the space.

2. No Bathtub? No Problem

Milano Portland Chrome Sliding Shower Door

Now, if you are a ‘bath person’, please don’t be offended at such a blasphemous notion. But there really is an argument to be had, especially in more compact bathroom spaces, to proceed without a bathtub in bringing some stunning walk in shower ideas to life.

Most obviously, freestanding baths will tend to dominate the bathroom areas they are fitted within, in terms of both appearance and space.

In the absence of a bath, the scope exists to go whackier, wilder and wider in putting your walk in shower ideas into practice.

You could extend the shower area to span the full length of the rear wall, for instance, to create a bigger and better modern shower space. An idealistic spacious enclosure for a luxurious, spa-like showering experience with full coverage.

3. Select The Right Shower Tray

Milano Rasa Anthracite Slate Effect Shower Tray

There’s plenty of variety when it comes to shower trays, so you’ll have lots of flexibility when bringing your perfect walk in shower enclosure to life.

A simple but useful hack is to opt for smaller and longer shower trays as opposed to chunky square designs in order to maximize room.

And shallow pan shower trays are the way to go as well. The lack of depth incorporated by such components allow for the walk in shower enclosure space to open up and remain airy and moveable within.

4. Tip-Top Wall Tile Inspiration

Milano Auro Brushed Gold Corner Walk In Shower Enclosure w/ Tray

Though they might not be readily associated with smaller bathroom areas, eye-catching statement wall tiles really can work in such spaces. The best idea is to adopt a sparse approach with brightly coloured, adventurous patterns. In turn, you can draw immediate attention to pivotal parts of the bathroom.

Contrasting with a standout bathroom tiling backdrop, a stylish shower wall or splashback will enhance a sense of space, and open up a plethora of design possibilities throughout the area. The main one, of course, can prove to be the introduction of your ideal walk in shower.

5. Work In A Shower Partition Wall

Compact bathrooms will sometimes require a partition within a walk in shower space to prevent water from travelling to areas you don’t want it to – who wants to exit the shower to soaking wet towels draped across the nearby heated towel rail, for instance?

So, instead of a glass shower door, the prospect of a half-wall fitting acting as a walk in shower guard is an appealing alternative prospect.

The implementation of a shower partition wall such as this is beneficial from a privacy perspective, whilst ensuring the bathroom remains open and free. It also offers an ideal foundation component to add the likes of decorative ornaments, shower essentials, and stylish tiles.

6. Corner Showers For Compact Bathrooms

Milano Barq Corner Walk In Shower Enclosure w/ Return Panel & Tray

Milano Rosso Oil Rubbed Bronze Walk In Shower Enclosure w/ Slate Tray

One of the simplest entries on the list, but the space-maximising effectiveness of corner showers cannot be underestimated within a compact bathroom.

The most striking advantages of corner shower enclosures is their minimalist design and practicality, allowing more than adequate room for other essential fittings and fixtures like bathroom vanity units or wall hung toilets in especially modernized settings.

Should you have any concerns that a corner shower won’t provide sufficient space, you could consider a neo-angled walk in shower layout as an alternative choice. This type of design will allow for a wider ‘wingspan’ and eliminate protruding corners that could be present elsewhere.

7. Stick To Size With Fixtures And Fittings

A common mistake that it is easy to make when transforming a bathroom (especially a smaller one) to feature a walk in shower space, is to go too big and bold with accentuating bathroom furniture.

Where room is restricted, you can easily overwhelm the space with the addition of oversized freestanding vanity units, for example. In order to ensure your walk in shower enclosure remains the star of the show, opt for more subtle, minimalist styles such as wall hung vanity units, which will be altogether far less intrusive.

For some layouts, bathroom combination units will be well suited. These incorporate a toilet, basin and vanity unit within a single component to maximise space and deliver streamlined style in the form of some essential fittings.

Our blog, A Buyer’s Guide To Vanity Units, shines the spotlight on a multitude of attractive bath vanities for smaller bathrooms.

8. Introduce Suitable Colours For Smaller Bathrooms

Milano Portland Floating Walk In Shower Enclosure w/ Tray & Hinged Return Panels

You can avoid hassle and stress by keeping it relatively simple and suitable in drawing up a bathroom colour scheme, again particularly in relation to more compact areas.

Fresh, light clean tones can work wonders in alluding to wider space, whilst a mish-mash of various louder hues can have the opposite effect, leading the bathroom to appear cramped and cluttered.

Standard white shades will give off a spacious, light and airy aura which can be tweaked and enhanced by accompanying complementary colours and textures. Or lighter pastel shades, all the rage in cottagecore bathrooms, are well worth considering as well. What’s more, the Big Bathroom Shop On Trend page can point you in direction of some of the most in-vogue colour options available.

9. Account For Alcove Dimensions

It can often be the case that compact bathrooms accommodate out-of-the-ordinary dimensions and overall shapes. However, it is possible to turn an unwanted alcove or eave into a dream design feature as opposed to an objectionable distraction in connection with walk in showers.

The most obvious solution, if space allows for it, is to install the walk in shower within the alcove area itself, or in a position where the walls can act as natural shower partitions (see point 5).

Also, if there are any roof windows present, these offer an excellent option to oversee a walk in shower, allowing natural light to flood the area and completely open up the bathroom.

10. Laying Down The Tiles

So it’s a touch less of an authoritative sentiment than ‘laying down the law’ might represent, but by following this similarly titled mantra, you can really set the tone for a beautiful walk in shower space to refresh your bathroom.

Imaginative floor tiling patterns within a walk in enclosure are an excellent way to create the illusion of added space. Using block patterns and solid contrasting colours and shapes will help to elasticate the room and make everything appear larger.

You have free reign to go big and bold with walk in shower floor tiles as well. Just because the room they are fitted in might be small doesn’t necessarily mean the tiles themselves has to be as well. Sizeable format tiles are a superb option for minimalist walk in shower bathrooms with subtle, low level grouting providing the neatest finish that will be barely visible.

11. Don’t Neglect The Shower Itself

When implementing a new walk in shower, your primary considerations, most likely, rest with the design of the enclosure itself. And whilst that is appropriate, you should strive not to neglect the actual shower system to fit.

Look to add a shower that lines up with the décor and overall theme of the bathroom area. So for retro or classic style bathrooms, look to traditional showers. Or, in contemporary bathrooms, add a modern shower with a finish reflective of the surrounding interior. There’s plenty of styles to consider in our dedicated blog, A Buyer’s Guide To Modern Showers.

Milano Nero Black Thermostatic Shower w/ Diverter, Square Shower Head, Hand Shower & Body Jets

12. Squeeze In Minimalist Storage Solutions

The size and structure of bathroom furniture and vanities can accidentally take up excessive room in a smaller bathroom on occasion, so it could be worth seeking out a nifty alternative storage option if possible.

In-built shelving or small mounted benches could be installed into small alcove areas, for example, to save on floor or wall space and prevent future storage issues for bathroom essentials like shower gels, shampoos, towels and toiletries.

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