How to Hire the Best Contractor For Your Bathroom Remodel

bathroom remodelBathroom Remodel is a big job and will involve a lot of hands. However, for even the most ambitious homeowner, a simple DIY remodel is too risky for even the handiest of hands. Instead of tackling this complicated project yourself, it might be best to hire a full-time bathroom remodel contractor to take on the work. Here are just some of the advantages you will enjoy by hiring an expert. Find out more.

Most homeowners think that bathroom remodelers near you will only charge you for the labor of the workers. Most often than not, these contractors will also be the ones handling your contracts and insurance paperwork for the entire project. In most cases, these contractors will be licensed and bonded to ensure that they will provide quality work. Plus, when you hire a licensed contractor, you have legal protection if any problems arise during the project, which often happens without notice.

You don’t have to travel far or exert much effort to look for credible bathroom remodelers near you. Thanks to the internet, you can search for local contractors in your area. Some websites also offer free price quotes from top local businesses, so you can easily compare them and choose a contractor that comes within your budget range. You can also read relevant guides and articles about bathroom renovations online. These guides usually contain price quotes from different local businesses and explanations of each step in the renovation process. If you are a more visual learner, you can watch tutorials online that show you how each tile cut is connected and what materials are needed for each stage of the project.

Most home depots have tiling and bathroom remodel packages available on their website. Home Depot is one of the most popular home improvement retailers in the country, and if you visit their website now, you will get to see the different offers they are offering to house owners in the Los Angeles area. Aside from home improvements, Home Depot also provides bathroom fixtures and fittings, kitchen accessories, and lighting products at an affordable price.

Another way you can find reputable contractors in your area is through referrals. Ask your friends, family, and co-workers if they know of any good bathroom remodel contractors. You can even join online forums and ask for advice from experienced homeowners in the Los Angeles area. Just remember to ask them which bathroom contractors they would recommend because not all contractors work well with different kinds of projects.

If you want to save money while doing a bathroom remodel in the Los Angeles area, you should invest in high quality tile and backsplash. Homeowners who want to give their bathrooms for a modern look should invest in porcelain tile that is made of glazed ceramic or marble. Glazed tiles are more durable than regular ceramic tiles and are also more resistant to staining, so they last longer. A bathroom remodel that uses porcelain tile with a stainless steel backsplash is also a more affordable option.

When it comes to hiring bathroom remodel contractors, homeowners should also be aware that there are some contractors who do not really understand what they are doing. This means that hiring them could cause problems in the future. To avoid this kind of problem, make sure that you check the references of any contractor you plan to hire.

Although most contractors can give you good results, some contractors can go wrong. This means that it is important that you take note of everything a contractor has to offer and talk things over with them. If a contractor is unwilling to provide you with written estimates and tell you upfront how much the work will cost you, then you should probably go elsewhere. Keep in mind that most contractors require a down payment in order for you to get started, so if you go ahead without this requirement, you may find that your bathroom remodel goes very wrong.

10 Small Bathroom Renovation Ideas for City Apartments

If you’ve ever renovated a small bathroom, you’ll know how difficult designing can be when trying to ensure the bathroom has substantial storage enough for the whole family. That’s why knowing what brands, styles, fixtures, fittings, and decorations suit small bathroom renovations can help you make the most of your apartment bathroom while keeping it organised and easy to maintain.

Which is why we have rounded up ten pictures from our recent Novalé small bathroom renovations that would be perfect for any small bathroom in a city apartment —all without sacrificing an inch of style.

These are beautiful bathrooms from real-life Australian apartment bathrooms, each with its own unique features that make their homes distinct. Browse this gallery – of small bathroom renovations Redfern all the way to apartment bathroom renovations Alexandria – for some clever small bathroom ideas on how to transform your dingy bathroom into a luxury retreat whilst maximising space.


Small Bathroom Renovation Glebe

Big things come in small packages in this small bathroom renovation glebe, especially as this bathroom vanity makes excellent use of the small space. The use of rounded tapware and accessories maximises space creating a less cluttered aesthetic.

The homeowners wanted to keep the original stained-glass window to compliment the modern bathroom installation. This bathroom is proof that taking a minimalist approach with a few show-stopping pieces can result in a unique space with quirky details that don’t overpower the eye.


Small Bathroom Renovation Glebe

Mirrors add more value to a bathroom than just for touching up makeup. A wall-to-wall mirror is a sure-fire way to create the illusion of spaciousness, as this bathroom boasts an airy and open ambience despite not getting a lot of natural light.

As we all know, natural light from large windows will make any room come alive, but large windows are difficult to come by in city apartments. This is why skylights are outstanding space-enhancing elements, as they don’t sacrifice wall space and still allow a lot of natural light to flood through. The mirror also helps to bounces the natural light from the skylight, making the small space feel even more prominent.


Small Bathroom Renovation Glebe

A few extra centimetres will go a long way in any bathroom renovation, but it’s particularly useful in a small bathroom renovation. This small bathroom renovation Glebe makes use of two wall niches and built-in shelves. One in the shower and one above the bath, offering a slimline solution to reduce the common small bathroom installation feelings of cluttered and packed-in.


Small Bathroom Renovation Alexandria

In your small bathroom renovation, strategically placed storage will open up a world of possibilities. The best way to maximise your bathroom storage is with custom cabinetry in your vanity and maybe a tailored mirror with some hidden storage behind. This custom cabinetry in our bathroom renovation Alexandria makes use of every possible space with maximising storage around the plumbing in the vanity for a functional family home bathroom.


Small Bathroom Renovation Five Dock

The most efficient small bathroom renovation designs make the most of awkward nooks and crannies in a tight space, which is another reason why custom-designed cabinetry can be so beneficial. As custom-designs considers the usefulness of every millimetre, ensuring the piece will make the most of the space – turning dead space into functional uses.

This functional inner-city small bathroom renovation in Five Dock is another small bathroom that makes the vanity and the mirror have multiple purposes. With a built-in ledge, this custom design creates extra benchtop storage instead of cluttering the walls and floor with shelves and boxy storage.


Small Bathroom Renovation Five Dock

Instead of a bulky shower caddy, this small bathroom renovation Five Dock maximises storage with little wall soap hangers. This quirky inner-city bathroom renovation features many urban stylistic accessories, with bold wallpaper at the top hinting at the original bones of the property.


Small Bathroom Renovation Redfern

This Redfern Bathroom Renovation ensured every piece has a purpose, from the space-efficient towel rack, hidden mirror storage to the shower and bath combo. The family home bathroom features a frameless glass shower door, a practical element to replace dark shower curtains and gives the illusion of more space in any compact bathroom. Allowing light to freely flow throughout the room while reducing visible clutter, making the space feel larger.


Small Bathroom Renovation Redfern

Carrara marble in small hexagon tiles line the floor of this beautifully modern bathroom. Running the tiles from the floor up the wall makes this small bathroom renovation in Redfern feel larger. Stretching the bathroom tiles avoids breaking up the room and gives the impression of a larger bathroom installation, creating a seamless aesthetic. The large towel bar also featured in this Redfern bathroom renovation is a sleek space-saver that clears clutter from surfaces and uses empty wall space instead.


Small Bathroom Renovation Redfern

The owners of this Redfern Bathroom Renovation also remodelled their small ensuite bathroom. They carried the theme of matte black tapware and accessories from the main bathroom to here, making the home’s two bathrooms seamless.

Black matte is now the star of Urban bathrooms. This modern bathroom design staple gives excellent durability like traditional stainless-steel tapware but offers an “on-trend” stylish finish. Depending on who uses the bathroom will dictate the needs in your bathroom renovation. As for this couple’s ensuite bathroom, double sinks were very beneficial!


Start Your Sydney City Bathroom Renovation with Novalé

Whether you are looking for bathroom renovators for an apartment bathroom renovation Redfern or a small bathroom renovation Alexandria, Novalé’s highly experienced teams are available to help you produce a beautiful and highly functional modern bathroom design in the City of Sydney.

When beginning research on bathroom renovators for your modern bathroom design and renovation project, consider including Novalé Bathrooms in your shortlist. We offer bathroom renovations in Newcastle to bathroom renovations in Alexandria, as well as Bathroom Renovations across Sydney and all the way to bathroom renovations in the Central Coast and Penrith. For a complete list of the Areas We Service, see here.

Our teams are ready to start building you a fantastic modern bathroom design. We implement a unique 4 step bathroom renovation process, and we encourage potential customers to read the 12 reasons to choose Novalé. Additionally, you can read our testimonials and reviews to learn about the experience others have had to renovate with Novalé. For more information on how we transform your bathroom, please get in contact with the Novalé team on 1800 NOVALÉ.

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Bathroom Renovation: Do Your Research

It is ubiquitous to question the relevance of bathroom developments in our everyday life. This is because bathroom design has long been considered a mundane task. However, with an ever-growing population and changing lifestyles, bathrooms have become more active. It has become imperative for every home to have a bathroom that meets each family member’s unique and personal needs. The impact of bathroom renovations is very high on people’s overall quality of life and social development.

bathroom development

A good bathroom design should ensure functionality, enhance the user’s comfort level, and create an environment that promotes relaxation and revitalization of the body. A good bathroom design enhances the home’s overall ambiance and sets the tone of the homeowner’s decor. For example, a modern bathroom renovation scheme can include an artistic stone floor finish. This will give your bathroom a new feel and add to the aesthetic value of your home. By choosing a design that blends well with the existing decor in your home, you will likely find that the bathroom renovations you have planned to go quite smoothly.


The right bathroom renovation design plays an important role in making your bathroom appear larger and taller, and at the same time, it will also allow you to feel more spacious and relaxed. A well-chosen renovation plan will ensure that your bathroom is properly lit, equipped with essential fittings and accessories, and is beautifully and tastefully decorated. Moreover, the design of your bathroom renovation should match the overall interior decor of your home. If your bathroom is designed so that it conflicts with the interiors of your home, it will obviously create an undesirable contrast and impact.


Bathroom renovations require a skilled hand who knows how to combine functionality and aesthetics while designing the bathroom. This is very important for the success of your bathroom design and will make a huge difference in the way you enjoy your new bathroom. However, when you decide to undertake the entire renovation all by yourself, then you might have some problems along the way. This is because you will not be able to figure out which items and elements from your old bathroom design should be kept and which should be discarded. The result might be something that does not suit your home or does not suit your needs.


If you have to choose between elements that you already have in your bathroom and elements that you need to get installed in your bathroom, you might have to compromise on some of your bathroom functions. The best bathroom designers can realize this, which allows them to offer you a wide variety of options. If you have to get the bathroom renovated, you must consider this. This is because some parts of your bathroom design you cannot live without, but you cannot get them installed unless and until the bathroom renovations are complete.


These days, several online stores offer professional advice and guidance for planning bathroom renovations and other home improvement projects. These companies offer their expertise and give you access to bathroom design templates that can help you come up with an attractive and functional bathroom design. If you are thinking of redesigning your bathroom, you should make sure that you do plenty of research and look at different bathroom design templates before finalizing your design. This is important so that you get a unique and truly innovative bathroom design.