13 Practical Ideas to Cut Your Costs of a Bathroom Remodel

Has a bathroom remodel EVER COST LESS than expected? I bet the resounding answer to this is a big fat NO! And with rapidly escalating material prices and bathroom remodeling contractors as scarce as toilet paper at the beginning of the pandemic, it’s a fair to say bathroom remodeling costs aren’t going down any time […] The post 13 Practical Ideas to Cut Your Costs […]

Intense Bathroom Designs: Imaginative Guest-Bathrooms To Admire

Bathroom designs are wondrous, magnificent things to admire. We all love a majestic master bathroom, or, in the case of this article, a unique and boldly beautiful guest bathroom that will make you feel an incredible wave of blissfulness and harmony. Follow along and feel impressed by these amazing private oasis that will refresh your soul! See Also: Incredible Bathroom Designs To Admire: the LAPIAZ […]

Bathroom Interior Design Unmatched: Projects To Impress!

Bathroom interior design is designed into perfection with the glamorous minds behind BRABBU X HOME’SOCIETY, minds that strive to perfectly bring to life inspiring ambiences that truly give off unique sensations and vibes, unlike anything one has ever seen before. Its impeccable taste has created some of the most daring and bold designs in the market at the moment. Come take a look at Bathroom […]

Modern Bathroom Ideas: Maison Valentina’s Best

Modern bathrooms ideas can make or break one’s bathroom, and these ideas collected from Maison Valentina’s vault are a perfect example on how to perfectly decorate one’s home with harmony, blissfulness and amazingness! Let’s take a look and try to create the best bathroom design ambiance! See Also: Incredible Bathroom Designs To Admire: the LAPIAZ Collection LET YOURSELF BE ASTONISHED BY THESE INTENSE MODERN BATHROOM […]

Time to Shine: 5 Pro Remodeling Tips for Empty Nesters

“Aging in place” has been a buzz word since 2011. That’s the year the AARP published a study confirming that the majority of seniors prefer to live in their own homes as they age. A quick Google search of the phrase turns up more than 300 million hits. To be sure, there are countless resources for seniors who want to remain in their own homes […]

Showers vs Baths: Is Water Wastage A Generational Issue?

Which Generation Use The Most Water In Bathing And Showering? The environmental impact of water usage might be just about the only facet of the showers vs baths debate we’ve yet to wade into, so we’ve decided to put that right in this blog. More specifically, we’ll focus on research concerning contrasting age demographics, and look to decipher whether excessive water usage could present a […]

Bathroom Renovations for Heritage Homes in Sydney

A heritage-listed home is a property or building that has been identified by your state/territory and local government as having a historical or cultural value that is worth conserving for future generations. State/territory and local authorities will have different rules for what homeowners can and can’t do with a heritage-listed house. Although, in general, the rules typically concentrate around conserving the property’s style and look, […]

Bathroom Design Ideas That Will Leave You Wanting A Fresh Renovation

Bathroom design ideas like Maison Valentina’s own will surely revolutionize your trends outlook in 2021! Follow along as we introduce to you the best ideas that this incredible summer has to offer! From golden-bathed bathrooms to darker shades that bring with them a strange feeling of harmony and universal blissfulness. So, without any further ado, follow along to Bathroom Design Ideas That Will Leave You […]

Debunking the Myth: Repeatable Units Do Not mean Cookie Cutter Design

Modular construction has proven itself a faster, more versatile, and high-quality building option. Yet, misconceptions continue to persist as the technologically advanced process deviates from the familiarity of traditional building methods. One common myth is that the repeatable units produced in large quantities during the modular construction process rely solely on ready-made design with little creative flexibility and diminished quality. While prefabrication does enable production […]

The Secrets to How Often You Should Clean Your Bathroom

If you share your house with continuously sick children, grubby roommates or stubborn partners, it is challenging to navigate the age-old question, how often should I clean my bathroom? While some people find cleaning their spaces quite relaxing, there are dozens of wellbeing products which can equally reduce your stress, discover Novale’s recommended wellness routines to turn your bathroom into a spa in 2021. Although […]